ABB Niessen Zenit: Light switches, plugs and sockets

NIESSEN has launched a new modular range, which will lead instalations to the highest design and will contribute with endless benefits. One of the most complete and polyvalent of the market, from its creation.

All its mechanims support up to 16 A, are lightened by LED lamps and offer more space within the boxes for their connections. It offers also new solutions which make the instalation more confortable, easier and faster, saving time to the installers.

ABB Zenit is the first range of the market that has been Eco-designed. In harmony with the enviroment, Zenit has been designed with the aim of reducing the environmental impact that the range can have in any of the phases of its living cycle.

  • New mechanisms, more robust and compact, that are inserted from the front.
  • Designed to hold the switches firmly and prewent unwanted movement.
  • Thinner mechanism, only 21 mm, leaving more space for the connections in the box.
  • With lager and smoother press connectors to make automatic connection easier and safer.
  • Manufactured with high quality and recyclable material
  • The mounting plates, supplied separately from the frames, can be with or without clips.
  • All sizes of plate covers can be fitted both horizontally and vertically, making them easier to install and reducing the numbers items to stock.